lock n drive


Collaboration with Mark Choi


Lock N Drive is an interactive object that serves a function of a toy car track, but the uniqueness in the aesthetics provides an unusual but delightful experience to the users. The design is composed of 3 variations of inter-lockable pieces. Each part has different tunnels to bring children to another level of joy. Lock N Drive is not representational, but rather more abstract. It does not limit the users to a certain level of imagination, but allows them to immerse themselves within the environment they create.


  • 1/4 inch baltic birch plywood for light weight
  • Colour is very thought out to enhance the aesthetics
  • Can easily be assembled
  • Different approach to how the toy car tracks look like



design brief

final pdf 2-page-002.jpg

concept 3d sketches

1:1 scale prototyping

Our co-worker spent most of his time interacting with toy cars. He already had several car tracks at his house, but they literally was a car track. There was nothing for him to be creative with the environment he was playing his toy cars in. So we decided to provide our co-worker with an environment where he can be creative and imaginative.


cad files

final pdf 2-page-009.jpg

As the shape of the design is complicated, we drew out the design on Solidworks to use it as a guide for making pin router jigs


We first made a pin router master using the CAD print out as a guide and made a jig based off of the masters. 

We had to make hollow cylinders for tunnels. To make the cylinder hollow, light weight and rigid, we have layered veneers to satisfy those requirements.