Semo is a lamp made to focus its light directly on the task. It is designed to avoid any shadows created by the head and hands, inviting an uninterrupted space of light. 


  • Height adjustment
  • Detachable light source (used independently)
  • Slidable 
  • Hand size fit portability
  • It is minimal, yet satisfies all functions as a task lamp


Semo was inspired by observing my roommate, who is currently studying fine art. She was having difficulty drawing detail sketches due to shadows created by her head when leaning into her sketchbook. Working in this problem space I developed Semo.



Design brief

3d sketches

CAD files

I did a few iterations using Solidworks in order to quickly visualize how the design would look with different base ideas. While the design was originally intended to be a standard height, user feedback pointed to a desire for the base to be adjustable in heigh, which I accounted for in the final design.

CNC components

Laser cut is used to get an exact cut of acrylic. This is used as a cover for the LED strips. 


Milling machine and table saw have been used majorly during the production process. I have cut out grooves along the top corners of the base. This is where the aluminum metal insert, which acts as a bridge for the base and the lamp stand.


LED strips are used as a light source. Before I secured the LED strip onto the final product, I did several exploration in order to address any technical issues with the project. This process required wiring, welding skills as well as thinking about where and how the wires and LED strips are going to be located. The challenging part of this process was to figure out which wire should connect to which part of the LED strips while thinking about how to make them all work without complicating the layout of the wires. 

Sand blast (FINal touches)

While I was exploring with LED strips, I realized that the light was blindly bright. I decided to sandblast the interior & exterior surface in order to reduce the brightness. The top part of the acrylic has been covered with silver vinyl to prevent any light from directly shining into the user's eyes.