Designed by Sophia EunKyung Jeong

Graduation Project


inspiration statement

Christopher McCandless said, “Happiness is only real when shared,” but he never mentions anything about food.
Food makes us happy, but it doesn’t need to be enjoyed in the presence of others to be appreciated wholly and completely.


A dinner set for one, Taset is a portable and modular, multi-functioning place setting that doesn't skimp on the aesthetic experience of fine dining. By allowing the user to conveniently layout their dining space, Taset helps the users to create a harmonious dining experience giving the feeling of self-appreciation and engagement in the moment of eating. 


  • Wood tray is constructed of solid Alder sourced from local western British Columbia
  • Ceramic dishware - slip casted with Glacier (Porcelain)
  • Trays have connecting metal dowels to allow the users to freely build their own unique table setting
  • Earth magnet is embedded in each holes to double the connecting force
  • Grooves on either side of trays
    • The grooves on the top keeps the dishware from moving, while carrying it around.
    • The grooves on the bottom work as cover for the dishware
    • These grooves on the tray allow the dishware to be stackable for space saving
  • Trays working as covers help to reduce food waste, and do not require containers for more dishwashing
  • Device holder to encourage the users to have more convenient and enjoyable eating experience



Problem space

The modern world leaves little time for dining conventions, in our busy lives, we often find ourselves eating from take-out containers or even eating right off the pot. We deserve better and should value ourselves higher through the experience of eating.


Solo dwellers desire to eat curated home meal, but can’t find the time and money to go out and buy harmonious dinner sets, as many existing dishwares are for multi-person use. In fact, there is bento box, which is convenient, but it does not please the visual.

We all have the desire to embed care into our home meal, but we assume that better meal experience will require more effort and time. So we distance ourselves from putting in any care of the home meal.

Taset is designed to minimize time while maximizing the eating experience. Taset comes with porcelain tableware and five pieces of wooden trays. Variety of different table setting structures can be created by connecting the trays with ¼ inch metal dowels, doubling the connecting force with earth magnet embedded in the inserts. This process allows the users to move away from the conventional table settings and be imaginative of their own eating space. 


exhibition (the show: 2017 ecuad)


process book


Please click on either of the buttons to see the process of one year long project, Taset. 

Process (semester one) is about brainstorm, ideation, and researches.

Process (semester two) is about further researches, prototyping, material researches, and production.